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JIMTYPE STUDIO FREEBIE DESKTOP LICENSE Thanks for downloading! This font is made for personal and commercial purposes based on Jimtype Studio' freebie desktop license. Permitted Uses: • Install the Font on up to two (2) computers or work stations only, provided that both computers or devices are owned by you. • Install the Font on a networked server in an office, provided that each client accessing the Font has purchased a license. • Use the Font in personal projects • Use the Font in up to 150 commercial item sales. Should you require more than this, please contact us to buy the appropriate license. • Use the Font Software for designing and creating (un-editable) invitations, business cards, logos, branding, greeting cards, marketing materials, packaging designs, static (flattened) images on websites, apparel, books, and stationery. • Enjoy unlimited prints, media copies, and duplicates of your product in personal projects. Freebies are regulated by our Terms and Conditions and are limited to 150 item sales. • Enjoy unlimited web page impressions using flattened images. If you would like to use the Font Software as a live web font you will require a web font license. Please contact us for more information. • Broadcast the Font Software on TV, Video, Motion picture, and Digital Advertising to a maximum of 30 viewing minutes per year. (Send us an email to if you need to extend this or have any questions). YOU CANNOT • Resell the font on market. • Use the Font for giveaway or promotion. • Open, edit, or modify fonts. Need a license for big sales, many users, or a business purpose? You can contact us directly: Best regards Brasilia Delightfont download, Brasilia Delight font.