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Valak Thin

Valak font

Valak font is a font that only has the size / width of light, this font is designed for the use of a simple themed design, and minimal.

Valak font consists of 6 styles, namely:

-Light italic
-Condensed light
-Condensed light italic
-Extra condensed light
-Extra condensed light italic

This font is licensed Free for personal & commercial use

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Font NameDateFile Size
Valak-CondensedLightItalic.otf 2021-01-26 57 KB
Valak-ExtraCondensedLight.otf 2021-01-26 43 KB
Valak-ExtraCondensedLightItalic.otf 2021-01-26 57 KB
Valak-Light.otf 2021-01-25 35 KB
Valak-LightItalic.otf 2021-01-26 54 KB
LICENSE.txt 2021-02-01 34 B
Valak-CondensedLight.otf 2021-01-26 43 KB

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Free for personal & commercial use

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