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About Akaya Telivigala

Akaya Telivigala supports the reformed Telugu character set, and the language support therefore extends to contemporary Telugu and basic Sanskrit. When one looks around the hand-written Telugu or Kannada landscape today, a recurring calligraphic style can be found on book titles, graffiti or propaganda notices. Akaya is based on this lively hand-written style that is distinct from the rigid, formal text styles.

The Telugu component was designed first by Vaishnavi Murthy, a type designer based in India. The Latin component was designed in a second stage to be in harmony with the Indian design, by Juan Luis Blanco.

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Vaishnavi Murthy

Principal design

Vaishnavi is a typeface designer specializing in Indic scripts. She works on the conservation and restoration of books, manuscripts, documents, and ephemera—in order to study them. By combining these two practices, Vaishnavi is able to deconstruct and experiment with the structure of Indic letter shapes from an informed perspective.


Juan Luis Blanco


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