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Gutenberg Textura - .TTF

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Gutenberg Textura font
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GutenbergTextura.ttf 2003-08-30 79 KB

Gutenberg Textura font

Gutenberg Textura fontGutenberg Textura font bigGutenberg Textura font textGutenberg Textura font 1
Gutenberg Textura characters

Font Details

About the Font :

The Sepulcra font was inspired by the "S" logo of the rock group Sepultura. It all started when when I decided to do a version of the letter "A" for my own personal use but some friends wanted to see versions of other letters and in the end I did the entire alphabet.
In the letters one can see various differences and some are more complex than others. This is because the letters were initially created independently and not as part of a body of text.

This is a test project. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Now...Go crazy!

The font includes two additional characters. I designed these prototypes which will be included in later versions of the font. You can see that they are typographical interpretations of Sepultura albums.

Since I have little time to develop the entire typeface family, I leave you with these two variations of the letter "S" and with some luck in the near future I will be able to offer the complete alphabet of both styles.

Term of Use:

This font is free on the condition that it will be solely for personal use. For anything on the contrary I ask only that you give me credit for my work. However, donations are always
welcome! ;)

The sale or commercial use of this font without my consent is stricly prohibited.

Sepulcra, 2006 ? Abel P. Delgado [Ovalum] All rights reserved; except for the letter "S" which is a copyrghted logo of Sepultura

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any comments, critics or whatever you want to say emailme at:


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